A statue of Queen Redda with her son, Ecbrit in Tewkesbury, England

Redda, Queen of North Bessex (?878-spring 945) was Queen of North Bessex as the wife of Ecbrit I . She served as regent of North Bessex upon his death in 902 until her son, Ecbrit II came of age. She is regarded by historians of "a most distinguishable character, headstrong and with much willpower to have controlled a kingdom without the use of her husband."


Redda is suspected to have been born in 878, the daughter of a Saxon nobleman.

Marriage & IssueEdit

Redda married Ecbrit I of North Bessex in 898. He was sixteen years her senior. The couple welcomed their only son, Ecbrit II in 900.


Redda managed the kingdom of North Bessex efficiently until Ecbrit became king in 918. She retired to a monastery soon afterwards. She died in spring of 942.