The Monarchy of the Kingdom of England began with Alfred, King of England and ended with James, who became the first King of Great Britain, when England and Scotland merged together in 1630.

It is generally accepted by all modern-day historians that Alfred was the first King of England, mainly due to the unification of the Bessexian Tribes that he accomplished during his reign. The Principality of Wales was later integrated into the Kingdom of England under the Powys Accord in 1112, which signified the English possession of Welsh lands by Edmund I. The marriage of Charles I and Margaret, daughter of James VI in 1601, marked the assimilation of England and Scotland into one personal union. James I, by inheritance from both his father and mother, was declared as the first King of Great Britain by Royal proclamation In 1630.

House of Bessex Edit

Alfred     Reign: 980 - 1003          Birth: 955          Marriage : Agatha, 979 (4 Children)           Death: August 29, 1003

 Edgard   Reign: 1003 - 1045         Birth: 986        Marriages: (1) Estrid of Sweden, No Issue       Death: July 6, 1045

                                                                                                       (2) Gytha of Denmark, 2 Children