Ecbrit I of North Bessex (862- summer 902) was King of North Bessex from 884 until his death. 


Ecbrit was born in 862 to Ealstan III of North Bessex and his wife, Bryme . Ecbrit had one older brother, Ealstan who died of measles at the age of nine. As a result, he was proclaimed King of North Bessex upon his father's death in 884.

Marriage & IssueEdit

Ecbrit remained unmarried until the year 898, when records show he contracted a marriage with a Saxon woman named Redda . The couple had one son:

Ecbrit II (900-952)


Ecbrit died in summer of 902. It is contemplated that he was poisoned. However, there was no evidence to support this theory. As his son, the future Ecbrit II was only two at the time of his death, his wife Redda ruled as regent until the boy came of age.