Ealstid I of North Bessex (701-?758) was the first King of North Bessex


Ealstid was born in 701 to Albic "Chieftan of the British Isles" and his wife, Esbra. Upon his father's death, the British Isles were split into four provincial territories. Ealstid, the eldest son, recieved the land presiding over North Bessex while his younger brothers, Aesfynn, Ebrudir and Awodis recieved South Bessex, East Bessex & West Bessex. Chronicler Eiles Gingot, remarked that "The four brothers would quarrel out in display and made no attempt to hide the rigor and hatred they had for one another" 


Ealstid married Nesta of Wales, the daughter of Gruffydd ap Dehys and Angharad ferch Lynan. It is speculated that they married between 735. Nesta was twenty years younger than Ealstid. They had only one child:

Ealstid (740-795)

Ealstid II succeeded his father upon death in 758.


Prior to his death, Ealstid had set up the foundation for his son, the younger Ealstid to remove all influence that he might have from his uncles. Ironically, Ealstid's great-great-great-great-great-great grandson, Alfred would marry his Aesfynn's great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter, Agatha and merge the Bessex Kingdoms together to create a unified England.